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Last update: January 11, 2019.
  1. Features of Microsoft Small Basic v1.0
  2. History of Microsoft Small Basic
  3. How to Install Small Basic onto Windows 8.1
  4. Microsoft Small Basic Online v0.91: Known Issues
  5. Microsoft Small Basic Online v1.0: Installation Guide
  6. Microsoft Small Basic v1.0: Known Issues
  7. Microsoft Small Basic v1.1: Known Issues
  8. Microsoft Small Basic v1.2: Known Issues
  9. Microsoft Small Basic v1.3: Known Issues
  10. Nonki's Suggestions for TechNet Guru Iconography
  11. Small Basic 1.3: Installation Guide
  12. Small Basic: Artificial Intelligence
  13. Small Basic Blog: Index
  14. Small Basic: Capitalization Conventions
  15. Small Basic: Centering Text in Graphics Window
  16. Small Basic: Challenge of the Month
  17. Small Basic: Character Set - Unicode
  18. Small Basic: Clipboard
  19. Small Basic: Clock
  20. Small Basic: Color
  21. Small Basic: Compatible Systems
  22. Small Basic: Condition
  23. Small Basic: Control Statements
  24. Small Basic: Controls
  25. Small Basic: Default Value
  26. Small Basic: Desktop
  27. Small Basic: Dictionary
  28. Small Basic: Did You Know?
  29. Small Basic: Difference between Local and Remote
  30. Small Basic: Drawing Curve
  31. Small Basic: Emoji
  32. Small Basic: Errors
  33. Small Basic: Expression
  34. Small Basic: File and Network
  35. Small Basic: Flickr
  36. Small Basic: Fonts
  37. Small Basic: How a Program Runs
  38. Small Basic: How to Convert Multi-Line Text into Array of Lines
  39. Small Basic: How to Debug
  40. Small Basic: How to Draw Triangle
  41. Small Basic: How to Format a Code Block
  42. Small Basic: How to Make a Check Box
  43. Small Basic: How to Make a Turtle Maze Game
  44. Small Basic: How to Remove Goto Statements
  45. Small Basic: How to Rotate a Shape Not from the Center
  46. Small Basic: How to Translate Resources
  47. Small Basic: How to Use Arduino
  48. Small Basic: How to Use Kinect Objects
  49. Small Basic: How to Use micro:bit
  50. Small Basic: How to Use MSDN Forum
  51. Small Basic: How to Use Sound.PlayMusic()
  52. Small Basic: How to Use Trigonometric Functions
  53. Small Basic: IDE Colors
  54. Small Basic: Image
  55. Small Basic: Instructions to Graduate and Debug with Visual Studio
  56. Small Basic: Instructions to Graduate and Debug with Visual Studio 2017
  57. Small Basic: IntelliSense
  58. Small Basic: Interactive Learning with Xamarin Workbooks
  59. Small Basic: International Resources
  60. Small Basic: Key Input
  61. Small Basic: Kinect for Small Basic Extension Library
  62. Small Basic Known Issue: 21691 - Rectangle and Ellipse Become Smaller in Remote
  63. Small Basic Known Issue: 21694 - Font and Pen Width Change Earlier in Remote
  64. Small Basic Known Issue: 22108 - Viewport of GraphicsWindow is Narrower and Sometimes Resized in Remote
  65. Small Basic Known Issue: 23257 - GraphicsWindow.GetPixel() Returns Alpha Blending Color in Remote
  66. Small Basic Known Issue: 23589 - Controls.GetTextBoxText() Returns CR+LF as Newline from Multi-Line Text Box in Local but CR in Remote
  67. Small Basic Known Issue: 24270 - Shape Image is Not Zoomed from Center in Remote
  68. Small Basic Known Issue: 24406 - Shapes.GetOpacity() Causes Cast Error
  69. Small Basic Known Issue: 25471 - Sound.PlayXXXAndWait() Does Not Wait in Remote
  70. Small Basic Known Issue: 25568 - Shapes.Zoom() Stops Program with 0.7 or Smaller Scale of Transparent Image in Local
  71. Small Basic Known Issue: 25669 - Turtle Operations in Event Handlers Cause Browser Hang Up in Remote
  72. Small Basic Known Issue: 25671 - Turtle.Show() Doesn't Show Turtle after GraphicsWindow.Clear() or Turtle.Hide()
  73. Small Basic Known Issue: 26720 - Event Subroutine Should Be After They Are Registered
  74. Small Basic Known Issue: 26992 - GraphicsWindow.GetPixel(X, Y) Doesn’t Work Properly If X Or Y Has after the Decimal Point in Remote
  75. Small Basic Known Issue: 27122 - Shapes.Rotate() Rotates Triangle and Line at Center in Local But at Corner in Remote
  76. Small Basic Known Issue: 28245 - Outlines of Shapes Rectangle and Ellipse are Smaller
  77. Small Basic Known Issue: 29976 - Assignment to Array in Event Handler Needs Time
  78. Small Basic Known Issue: 43905 - Decimal Plus Null Text Becomes Zero When Decimal Has Comma As Decimal Point
  79. Small Basic Known Issue: 52143 - Turtle.MoveTo Operation Sometimes Causes Error
  80. Small Basic: Label
  81. Small Basic: Literal
  82. Small Basic: Mouse
  83. Small Basic: Object
  84. Small Basic: Operator
  85. Small Basic: Overflow
  86. Small Basic on Mac
  87. Small Basic: Parameter or Return Value Range for Math Function
  88. Small Basic: Parser Generator
  89. Small Basic: Pixel
  90. Small Basic: Polygon
  91. Small Basic: Program
  92. Small Basic: Program Testing
  93. Small Basic: Resources for Game Programming
  94. Small Basic: Revision Control
  95. Small Basic: Revision Control with GitHub
  96. Small Basic: Rotation Centers for Shapes of Triangle and Line
  97. Small Basic: Sample Code
  98. Small Basic Sample: Directories
  99. Small Basic Sample: File Path
  100. Small Basic Sample: Flickr Photo ID
  101. Small Basic Sample: Line Editor
  102. Small Basic Sample: Math.Sin, Math.Cos and Math.ArcTan
  103. Small Basic Sample: Music Player
  104. Small Basic Sample: Small DOS
  105. Small Basic: Shapes
  106. Small Basic: Shapes Converter to PowerPoint VBA
  107. Small Basic: Shapes Editor
  108. Small Basic: Shortcuts
  109. Small Basic: Sound
  110. Small Basic: Subroutine
  111. Small Basic: Supported Languages
  112. Small Basic: TechNet Wiki Article List
  113. Small Basic: TextWindow
  114. Small Basic: Turtle
  115. Small Basic: Variable
  116. SmallBasic.Workbook 1.2.0: Known Issues
  117. The Small Basic Environment (IDE)
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